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Beat the Boss 4 (много денег и алмазов / все открыто)

Оценок: 3.9 (41)
  • Game Hive Corporation
  • Android 5.0 +
  • Мод: 1.7.5
  • Цена: $0
  • Обновлено:
  • Просмотров:  17 011

Beat the Boss 4 is a stress reliever simulator after a hard day at work. Designed for those to whom the boss did not pay money for a long time, delayed after work or forced to do the worst job without additional bonuses. This game will allow you to create a hand puppet with a face as close as possible to an evil boss and it is good to come off on it.

There are no many weapons for revenge
Show off with the boss in the most perverted methods, stuff him with lead or make him a shooting range for throwing knives, maybe you will blow him up and do a few experiments on him, checking him for survivability. As you already understood in your arsenal there will be several hundred weapons and other items for torture. to make the next few minutes for the guy the worst of his life.

There are still many bosses who know no mercy
Having solved your boss, go to take revenge on other hated bosses who like to mock their subordinates. But in order to deal with them, you need to use everything in your inventory, because they will use impenetrable shields, constantly run away from you and even set a time limit. Unlock new interesting locations with hater bosses in order to have good fun and put a couple of dozen evil people in their place. earn rewards and bonuses for the best combos you can get.

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